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ABOUT US . . .

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     Great Woods prides itself on working   badjob

closely with our customers to fully under-
stand their timber harvesting goals and
needs. There are several reasons to do a
timber harvest:

  -  To promote healthier woodlands 
      and future growth
  -  For income
  -  To improve wildlife habitat
        these are just a few...

     Whatever your reason, we will do the
best job possible to provide you with a
successful end result. Our staff is friendly
and professional, and works hard to make goodjob
our clients happy. If you look at the two
pictures on the right, you will notice a huge
difference in the cleanliness of the two
completed harvests. The photo on the top
was done by one of our competitors. The
photo below is one of our jobs. We take
great pride in our finished jobs and we
know that if the tract is to be replanted,
it will be a much easier, less expensive
project. We harvest pine and hardwood
in SC and NC, thinning or clearcuts.
Great Woods works with many local mills
in order to get you the best price possible
for each product. We also do free estimates.
Feel free to contact us for an evaluation of your timber; we will be happy to meet with you and discuss your options. References are available upon request.

" I believe that there is no body of men who have it in their power today to do a greater service to the country than those engaged in the scientific study of, and practical application of, approved methods of forestry for the preservation of the woods of the United States. "


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